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It’s always great to add new people to our database of volunteer members. Singers come from a variety of backgrounds, some formally taught, alongside others with little formal training. Potential singers are expected to be able to sight read well enough to cope with the demands of putting on an event after 2 or 3 rehearsals, as well as blending well with the sound of the group.

Players for the orchestra are expected to have reached Grade 8 standard. As there is limited rehearsal time before events, it is important that players have a good sight reading ability.

Auditions are held annually or more often if there is enough demand. Most of our rehearsals are held in the greater Belfast area, but we try to use venues which are well connected to the motorway network, as participants frequently travel from as far away as Dublin and the North Coast. Although largely based in Northern Ireland, we have a growing membership in Dublin, some of whom travel for our Belfast events as well as participating in the ones which take place in the Dublin area.

It is important that members are comfortable with the Christian ethos of New Irish Arts, and are happy to support the aims of our ministry.

Volunteers also play a big role in the organisation, so if you would be keen to help by being involved in technical assistance, photography, videography, catering, please get in touch.
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Although most of what we do is centred on music, we are interested in developing a database of artists from other disciplines. We occasionally work with visual artists, actors, poets and writers – and if our ministry interests you we would be delighted to hear from you.