New Irish Arts is a tremendous gift to the church in Ireland. I never cease to be moved and inspired by the quality of their presentations and also the amazing commitment of such a large group of volunteers. They are able to span such a range of musical genres and this diversity enables them to impact a wide range of people – I cannot speak highly enough of New Irish!
— Stephen Cave – European Chief Executive, Biblica

“A big thanks to you for the outstanding contribution you and New Irish made on Sunday. Your choice of items and musicianship were a huge blessing to me. It was evident that the Lord was at work in and through you.”
— Craig Dyer, Director of Training, Christianity Explored

“Working with the New Irish Choir and Orchestra on a television broadcast service turned out to be a very worthwhile project. They were open to ideas, flexible in their approach and keen to work in partnership. The broadcast service was a blend of different inputs but came across as the work of one team.”
— Sean Mullan – Evangelical Alliance, Dublin

“Their high professional standards were matched by the spiritual impact of their approach, and we were delighted with the quality of all they shared with us.. I commend their ministry to the wider church without any hesitation. New Irish Arts honour God by their work, and will enrich your ministry.”
— Rev. Ken McBride, Minister, Orangefield Presbyterian Church

“New Irish Arts made a wonderful contribution to a very special evening in Down Cathedral with a musical programme that was both worshipful and celebratory. I commend them for their professionalism, their sensitivity to the event and venue and most of all for their commitment to using their considerable talents to serve the church and the gospel.”
— Right Rev Harold Miller, Bishop of Down and Dromore