My Lighthouse - New Irish Kids

My Lighthouse - New Irish Kids


"My Lighthouse" - Recorded by our youth choir in the summer of 2015, it features 14 great Bible-based songs for all ages including Oceans, My Lighthouse and I Turn To Your Word. 

With accompaniment from the New Irish Orchestra, it’s a really energetic album which will be a great resource for families, choir leaders, schools and churches alike. 

Track Listing
1. I Turn to Your Word
2. Every Move I Make
3. My Lighthouse
4. Jesus Doesn't Live In a Caravan
5. Talk to Jesus
6. You're the God (Carrying Your Image)
7. Why Should I Fear
8. All Through History
9. I'm Gonna Hate What Is Evil
10. Jesus Priceless Treasure
11. Every Blade of Grass
12. Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)
13. Still
14. When My Energy's High (Jesus Loves Me)

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Release Date: 2015
Label: Elevation